Rock Solid Home Inspections LLC continually strives to maintain our reputation for high-quality service and the most thorough, ethical, and accurate home inspection services. We know our years of expertise combined with our attention to detail and service will leave you feeling confident in your real estate transaction.


  • 1000 sq. ft. or Less $450
  • 1001 - 1500 sq. ft. $500
  • 1501 - 1999 sq. ft. $550
  • 2000 - 2499 sq. ft. $600
  • 2500 - 3000 sq. ft. $650
  • 3001 sq. ft. or more Call for a quote


  • 700 sq. ft. or less $350
  • 701 - 1200 sq. ft. $400
  • 1201 - 1500 sq. ft. $450
  • 1501 - 1800 sq. ft. $500
  • 1801 sq. ft. or more $550

*Square footage is determined based on the TOTAL square footage of the house or condo which includes; garages, carports, decks, patios, and unpermitted additions. Square footage is subject to site verification. 

Extensive Report

Color-coded system tabs on every page make it easy to navigate. The reports are easy to read and very understandable. Pictures and illustrations are included to make noted problems clear.

Fast Reports

No waiting 2 or 3 days for your home inspection report. With us, you will have your report within 24 hours. In most cases, you will have your report emailed to you the same day as your inspection.

High Quality Photos

A photo speaks a thousand words. All noted recommendations in your report will be annotated with red or orange shapes. That way you will know exactly what you’re looking at!

Clear Simple Pricing

What does a home inspection cost? You don’t have to jump through hoops to find out how much you’re going to pay for gas, food or clothes. So why should it be that way in the service industry? You’re right, it shouldn’t!